Trolley Washers

MyWay Fabrication offers various trolley washers suitable for small to large facilities. All our machines are made from stainless steel ensuring they are rust free and reliable. Trolley washers are extremely important to ensure there is minimal labor required while ensuring it maintains the cleanliness needed.

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200L & 300L Front Load Buggy Washer

200l and 300l Front Load Buggy Washer The trolley washing machine has a combined the duties of pre-wash, main wash and rinsing zone into one. Operation: The washing cycles are adjustable (average duration approx. 100 sec.) and incorporates 6 phases: 1. Loading the trolley and closing the door 2. Hot water cycle at 35-60°C 3. Drip-dry perio..

Pass-Through 200L and 300L Trolley Washer

Pass-Through 200L and 300L Trolley Washer This trolley washing machine obtains a tunnel type washing system. It contains a closed cabin and washing system with infeed and discharge loader for the trolleys. Washing Sequence The container is easily inserted and fixed directly in infeed loader. By pressing the push button, the container ..

Smoke House Trolley Washer

Smoke House Trolley Washer The system is mounted on the ground, thereby the trolley can be retracted at ground level via a ramp. The loading door has a close and open switch, which will ensure the doors remain closed once cleaning cycle begins. By closing the door, the wash cycle automatically begins. The wash cycle can be regulated, wi..

200L and 300L Buggy Wash Frame

200L and 300L Buggy Wash Frame Features: Manufactured from 304 stainless steel.Designed for easy use with either model: 200L or 300L buggy.Used to clean the standard 200L or 300L tubs and the v-edge dump buggies.Done by simply pushing the buggy inside the lifting arms and pulling the frame over, allowing to clean the inside and wheelbase.Equi..

Wash Frame for Trolleys

Wash Frame for Trolleys This is a device that allows for safe and effective access for cleaning both inside and outside the container (base, wheels). The device has been designed to significantly reduce the risk of injuries and accidents caused by manual handling of the containers during the washing process. A free-standing hoist is inte..

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