Kill Floor Beef

MyWay Fabrication is the world’s leading supplier and distributor of the finest quality equipment for the food processing industry. Items offered for the killing floors include a complete line of saws, clippers, shears, head tables, etc. designed to provide heightened productivity. Our equipment offers innovative features that cannot be found anywhere else with the affordable costs we offer. Whatever the location, business size, or animal, we offer the opportunity to operate at peak productivity and enhance the overall quality and value of the meat products.

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Cattle Driveway

Cattle Driveway..

Pipe Stunning Box

Pipe Stunning Box..

Halal Cattle Killing Box

Rotary Halal Cattle Slaughter BoxAnimals for ritual slaughtering are completely immobilized by this machine. The locked animal is rotated 100 degrees with the box during the ritual slaughter. Pressure on the side walls ensures the effective fixation of animals of various sizes. According to Muslim rites, machine has been designed for achie..

Ejecting Table with Tub

Ejecting Table with Tub..

Bleeding Tub

Bleeding Tub The cost of a bleeding tub varies depending on the needs of the plant and the length of the tub.The length is also determined by the slaughtering efficiency.The customer must define the length they desire --> For example, a minimum length of 9 metres and a suggested length of 12 metres is required for the slaughter of 120 ani..

Intestine Transporter

Intestine Transporter..

Cattle Head Washer

Cattle Head Washer..

Hide Puller - Junior

Hide Puller - Junior Type The device operates on the basis of a rotating cylinder with an individual drive. The entire skinning machine is fixed to the floor. Suitable attachment of the limbs of carcass and proper angle of the chain with efficient machining of skin will result in no damage to the spine and muscles. Operators work on..

Junior Skinner

Junior Skinner This junior skinning machine works based on a rotating drum on an individual drive. The entire skinning machine is attached to the floor. Appropriate attachment of the front limbs of the carcass and the angle of the chain allow for efficient processing of the skin without any damage to the spine or muscles. The station st..

Certified Halal Kosher Cattle Killing Box

Halal or Kosher Ritual Cattle Slaughter Box This machine is plug-and-play solution which can be installed in any slaughterhouse in shortest time. It only require power and air supply. The box is Halal certified by ECC (European Certificate center for Halal). This non-rotating ritual killing box has been developed in accordance with Inter..

Kneading and Membrane Removing Machine

Kneading and Membrane Removing Machine..

Kneading Machine with Triple Roller

Kneading Machine with Triple Roller Whole Kneading and Membrane Removing Machine is made with stainless steel. Machine is designed for repetition of kneading, loosening mucous membrane and cleaning intestines. Machine is design for processing of pig and sheep intestines. Specifications: Installed power [kW]: 0,75 Productivity [kpl/h]]..

Stomach Cleaner

Stomach Cleaner The cleaner is designed for mechanical cleaning of beef pouches and is made entirely of stainless and acid-resistant materials. The engine drive is transferred to a special rotating disc for cleaning. The number of books cleaned once is limited by the capacity of the cleaning chamber. The design is fully removable, provid..

Shield for Saw Operator

Shield for Saw Operator..

Platform for a Vet/Doctors Platform

Doctors Platform The pneumatic platform is used for vertical transport of workers at heights from 1.25m. up to 2.5 m, depending on the support cylinder used, the lifting speed is 6 m / min. Support cylinders are adjusted individually depending on the client's needs. The platform is driven by pneumatic cylinders, it is powered by compr..

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