Pass-Through 200L and 300L Trolley Washer

Pass-Through 200L and 300L Trolley Washer

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Product Description

Pass-Through 200L and 300L Trolley Washer

This trolley washing machine obtains a tunnel type washing system. It contains a closed cabin and washing system with infeed and discharge loader for the trolleys.

Washing Sequence

The container is easily inserted and fixed directly in infeed loader.
By pressing the push button, the container is clamped, raised, and rotated 180° on the infeed conveyor and then transported into the wash tunnel

Operation: The closing of the doors automatically starts the following wash cycle.
1. Hot water cycle (50-60° C)
2. Drip-dry period
3. Rinse with disinfectant at 82° C (disinfectant provided by customer)
4. Drip-dry period

After the wash cycle is completed, the doors at the exit side open and the container is transported on the discharge conveyor to the discharge loader. The container is clamped, rotated 180° back and placed down on the ground.


  • Capacity: 25-50 trolleys per hour
  • Cycle time: 60-120 seconds (adjustable)

Technical data:

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Water consumption: 8liters per cycle
  • Pressure: 17 bar
  • Electrical: 400V/50Hz
  • Power consumption: 18kW
  • Electrical heating: 12kW
  • Tank volume: 450 liters
  • Water inlet: R3/4”, 2-4 bar
  • Air pressure: R1/2”, 6 bar
  • Water drain: NW50