Smoke Stick Washers

MyWay Fabrication offers various smoke stick washers which have been tested and come in manual or automatic, depending on the requirements needed. Our Smokestack Trolley can be used to hold the smoke sticks to allow for manual cleaning but a special dual feature it has is the ability to maneuver it from one location to another with the accessible wheels. The Smoke Stick Washer is the automatic version available to be purchased where it washes the smoke sticks by rotating them within its tunnel chamber.

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Industrial Smoke Stick Washer

Industrial Smoke-Stick Washer Industrial Smoke stick washer effectively washes the aluminum and stainless-steel smoke sticks of different shapes and lengths up to 1100mm. The specially designed drum is very effective in removing sticky and grease residue. Specifications: Capacity: 100-500 pcs Wash temperature: 10 – 90 °C adjustab..

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