Silicone Mould Washer

High-performance Silicone Mould Washing Systems have integrated wash, rinse, and drying for rapid and efficient cleaning of mild to severely dirty silicone moulds.

The Industrial Silicone Mould washers provided by MyWay Fabrication are built entirely of stainless steel to guarantee their longevity and resistance to rust, hence enhancing their value while maintaining their affordable price point. Not only does our company provide high-quality products, but we also offer assistance and maintenance, guaranteeing that if you purchase from us, you will have complete support for anything you obtain.

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Silicone Mold Washer

Silicone Mold WasherHigh-performance washing system for cleaning silicone molds with integrated main wash, rinse and drying, for fast and effective cleaning of medium to highly polluted silicone molds. It helps to achieve a maximum washing results and with minimum water, energy, and chemical consumption. In the main washing zone, the sil..

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