MyWay Fabrication offers various drains such as trench, P-trap, and standard drains that can be custom made to fit the requirements needed. The purpose of a floor drain is to remove any standing water or other liquids near it to ensure there is no build up that could cause serious damage. All our products are hygienically approved and made completely out of stainless steel to ensure they are long lasting and rust proof.

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12” Stainless Industrial Floor Drain

Stainless Steel Floor Drain, Less P-Trap, type 304 stainless-steel with glass bead blasted finish, and includes the following specifications: 12" x 12" SQUARE X 1/2" Stainless Steel plate.12 Gauge Body (Seamless, Spun).9.75" Diameter x 1/2" thick SOLID removable drain cover.6" deep x 9.75" diameter drain sump, made of Seamless Construction ..

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