Container Washers

Container washing systems are built with continuous washing systems to clean a variety of containers. They are designed to expedite sanitation within your operation. These washers use less water, electricity, and detergent than manual washing, lowering labor and utility costs.

MyWay Fabrication offers various container washers made of fully stainless steel to ensure it is long lasting and rust proof, increasing the value but maintaining it at affordable costs. Not only does our company offer exceptional machines, but we also offer support and service, ensuring if you were to purchase from us, you will receive well-rounded support for it.

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Bucket Washer

Bucket Washer The Bucket Washer is made of stainless steel and according to HACCP standardization. The Washing systems are adapted to the standard buckets to be cleaned. Thanks to an integrated water filter, the systems are extremely resource-saving when cleaning standard buckets and containers. Specifications: Capacity: 100 – 2,000 ..

Front Load Pallboxes Combo Washer

Front Load Pallboxes Combo WasherThe container washer is for efficient cleaning. This machine contains a combined prewash cycle (optional), main wash and rinse. As the standard, the containers are loaded and unloaded via an electromotive operated loading door. The containers are easily placed directly on the water-tight door and are fixated...

IBC Container Washer

IBC Container Washer This container washer has a continuous washing system for cleaning IBC containers. The containers are loaded manually on a conveyor belt and moved to the washing unit. The position of the emptying flap is queried by means of sensors and if it is in the correct position, it is fed to the wash cycle. The washing syste..

Pallboxes Combo Pass-Through Washer

Pallboxes Combo Pass-Through Washer The Pass-Through Container Washer is a tunnel type washing system. Washing sequence The container is easily inserted and fixed directly in the infeed loader. By pressing the pushbutton, the container is clamped, raised and rotated 180 ° on the infeed conveyor and then transported into the wash tunnel. ..

Wash Frame for Containers

Wash Frame for Containers This wash frame is used for cleaning pallet boxes and insulated containers. It allows for safe and effective access for cleaning both inside the container and outside (base, skids). The device has been designed to significantly reduce the risk of injuries and accidents caused by manual handling of containers dur..

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