Baking Sheet Washer

Baking sheet washers make it possible to have a continuous cleaning system, which enables a more rapid and thorough cleaning of baking sheets that have been moderately to significantly soiled.

MyWay Fabrication provides a variety of washing machines built of entirely stainless steel to guarantee durability and rust resistance, enhancing the value while keeping prices low. Not only does our company provide great equipment, but we also provide support and service, assuring that if you buy from us, you will get complete assistance.

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Industrial Baking Sheet Washer

Industrial Baking Sheet WasherCompact baking sheet with continuous cleaning system, for fast and effective cleaning of medium to heavily polluted baking sheets. The baking tray washer system is divided into a main washing zone, rinse zone and a dry zone. In the main washing zone, the baking sheets are cleaned with circulating water, which ..

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