Apron Washers Dryers

MyWay Fabrication takes pride on ensuring there is equipment available to serve the hygienic needs during these unpredictable times. We offer various apron washers and dryers to best suit the requirements needed. The washers come in two versions, manual that allows the cleaning of boots and aprons or mechanical which washes aprons and gloves.

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Manual Apron Washer

Manual Apron Washer Manual apron washer is made entirely of stainless steel. Its design allows for easy and quick wash apron and rubber boots. Features shut-off valves at the tip of the brush and the shower½' water inlet located in the upper part of the washer.water can be supplied to the right and left sidessewage outlet is located on t..

Mechanical Apron and Glove Washer

Mechanical Apron and Glove Washer Unit housing and structure Made from stainless steel materials 1.4301. Two washing brushes: L = 1000mm. Automatic feeding of washing liquid from the suspended container. Safe connection and disconnection by means of a photo – optical system. Supply: 220V 60 Hz 1Ph Water supply:1/2”. Water outle..

Apron Drying and Disinfecting Cabinet

Apron Drying and Disinfecting Cabinet The Cabinet is made from stainless steel. Hot ozone air drying and disinfecting temperature ~35°C. Temperature control 7 day time programmer Heater power: 2kW. Fan: 380 m 3/h. Voltage: 220 V 60 Hz 1Ph Model Quantity of apron Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) ..

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