MyWay Fabrication offers meat mincers, beef grinders also known as meat grinders, for the application of grinding up the raw material such as meat, fish, beef or vegetables easily and without the aid of other equipment. The main purpose of this piece of equipment is to squash and partially mix the product into a desired state needed to proceed in the production line. We offer industrial and commercial models suited for medium to large processing plants.

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Lakidis Grinder MLK130L

Lakidis Grinder MLK130LThe MLK130L premix machine is capable of mincing fresh and frozen meat (up to -5C), it is completely made of stainless steel, with corner feeding and has a hydraulic lifter “arm type” or column loader attached to it.The machine can pre-mix meat products due to a special mixing arm placed within the machine’s working a..

Lakidis Meat Grinder ML130

Lakidis Industrial Meat Grinder Mincer Canada ML130 meat grinder is designed with a stainless-steel worm and worm barrel, especially made to enable the use of a wide variety of knives, plates and pre-cutter. The ML130 meat grinder is based on four legs that can absorb vibrations. It is manufactured according to EU safety regulations an..

Lakidis Meat Grinder MLG160

Lakidis Meat Grinder MLG160MLG160L automatic grinder is equipped with corner feeding system, providing the ability to process fresh and frozen meat up to -8 C and other food products as well.The grinder is fed with an attached loader using standard carts of 200 lit. bins.The entire machine is made of stainless steel, the cutting worm, feeding w..

Lakidis Meat Grinder MLG200

Lakidis Meat Grinder MLG200 Technical Data: MLG200L corner grinder is an industrial model, for big volume production of both fresh and frozen food; this innovative, powerful cross feed machine is completely made from stainless steel , inside and outside .Internally we have insulation of the hopper where food is collected prior to grin..

Meat Grinder CM-130

Specifications:Fully Stainless SteelHopper Size: 90L5 unger cutting system: 1 pre-cutter, 2 cutting blades, 2 culvert discsPower: 11kW (15hp)Constant Speed: 200r/min.Efficiency: up to 2000 kg/hr.Power supply: 220v 60Hz 3phStandard Grinder Plates diameters: 3,5,8,10,14,18 mmDimesnions: 1150x850x1300mmWeight: 550kgElectrical Certification:Standard - ..

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