MyWay Fabrication offers machines which are made to handle a wide variety of meats and other food products such as veggie or rice burger production. We have all types of forming equipment. Some have gone as far as to use our machines with cookie dough, mash potatoes, and other types of materials

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Automatic Meatball Machine S-1500-P

S-1500-P AUTOMATIC MACHINE FOR MAKING MEATBALLS It can be connected to any filler (outside diameter of output 30mm). This is a basic machine which can be connected to other devices to make croquettes or cannelloni. Shapers are interchangeable. Technical Specifications: Produces up to 15,000 meatballs per hour (depending on filler sp..

Automatic Croquettes Machine S-1500-PC

S-1500-PC Automatic Machine for making Croquettes and Meatballs OPTIONAL: Changing the shaper varies the weight (20, 25 or 30 grammes),Pneumatic operation at 6kg / cm².Air consumption 150 liters per minute.Product Temperature: between -2 and 0ºC.Does not require electrical power.Machine weight with croquette former: 38kg.Measurements: 1000 x ..

Patty-O-Matic Eazy Slider

Patty-O-Matic Eazy SlideQUICK FACTS: Lifetime GuaranteeCommercial QualityWill Not Compromise Product Texture or QualityUser FriendlyDramatically increases Production OutputSafe & Simple to OperateExact PortionsMinimal Amount of PartsNo Need to Pre-Weigh PortionsCapable of forming the Homestyle BurgerThe Eazy Slider is entirely submersible fo..

Patty-O-Matic The Protege

Patty-O-Matic Protege Standard Quick Facts: Exclusive patented feedForms juicy homestyle pattiesSimple operationControl’s costPortions exact shapesInterleaves paperAutomatically stacksSaves food, time, and laborLarge hopper capacityQuick disassembly for easy cleaning2-year parts warranty Specifications: Height: 22"Depth: 20"Width: 18"Vo..

Patty-O-Matic 330A Burger Machine

Patty-O-Matic 330A Standard Quick Facts: Stack’s patties perfectlyCountertop readyQuick disassembly for easy cleaningMolding capabilities is the same as the larger unitsAutomatically interleaves paper between pattiesNo need to stop machine to reload paper or productStainless steel cabinetryDrive mechanism engineered for increased durabilityVo..

Lakidis Kefta Kebab and Patty Machine FR200L

Lakidis Industrial Multi forming Kefta Kebab & Patty Machine FR200LHigh production Multi forming machine is an industrial equipment which offers flexibility, stability and efficiency. Features:1. The user-friendly interface touch screen control2. The precise filling and weight control are guaranteed by a precise hydraulic control system. H..

Burger Forming Machine - MH100

Meatball Patty Hamburger Forming Machine Gesame MH100 Features: Allows you to make burgers up to 130 mm in diameter and 25 mm thickProduction of up to 23 hamburgers or 40 meatballs per minuteWith automatic 1-sided paper application for hamburgers with a diameter between 80 and 115 mmEquipped with spee..

Hamburger Shaper MH-100A

Fully Automatic Hamburger Shaper MH-100A Features: It allows burgers of up to 130mm in diameter and 25mm thickProduction of up to 47 patties or 100 meatballs per minuteFully automatic patty makerWith automatic paper application for burgers with diameter between 80 and 115mm.Hygienic and simple..

Burger Forming Machine - MH Super 114

Meatball Patty Hamburger Forming Machine MH Super114 Features: It allows burgers of up to 130mm in diameter and 25mm thick. Thereafter the portions can be conveniently flattened with the roller up to 150mm diameterProduction of up to 3600 patties or 6000 meatballsFully automatic pa..

Meatball Package MM-100

Meatball Package MM-100Meatball Package MM-100 is a combination of MH-100 and MBM-MH Meatball Shaper Machine..

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