MyWay Fabrication offers equipment which is fully made from stainless steel, food grade material, and IP65 washable. The flatteners are used for efficient thickness reduction of meat products for standardized cooking.

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Automatic Roti Tortilla Press Model 9A-12

BE&SCO Automatic Roti Tortilla Press Model 9A-12 Stand Alone MidWedge (120V)This is the Stand Alone Midwedge Flour Roti and Tortilla Press that is automatic. It takes up only two square feet of counter space and can produce up to 500 ready-to-cook Roti & tortillas per hour from 4" to 7" in diameter. Designed for countertop use. ..

Manual Schnitzel Press

 Schnitzel Press - Manual Meat Press Type Lknocking schnitzel and the dirty workspace that comes with it is a thing of the past with our schnitzel press.the manually operated schnitzel press is easy and safe to work with the one of a kind lever mechanism, schnitzel can be pressed effortlessly with a maximal pressure of up to 2.5 tons to th..

Maga Meat Press

Maga Meat PressThe MAGA – meat press is a novel device with various applications in the meat and catering industry. It is used for smashing various meats to obtain slices of the same thickness from 0.5 to 30 mm. A special structure of the plate and the tray ensure that the meat will still be juicy. The chopper is easily..

Meat Flattening Machine 400 mm

Meat Flattening MachineEquipped with six pressing rollers to increase the surface of the products, guaranteeing the consistency of cooking time and reducing frying time. Designed for chicken breast, schnitzel and fish fillet processing.Features: Convenient assembly design, easy to clean. Easy adjustment. Sprinkling device preventing pro..

Meat Flattening Machine 600 mm

Meat Flattening Machine 600 mm Belt Width This CM600-II meat flattening machine is equipped with 4 pressure rollers to flatten fresh or half frozen meat that is around -4°C. Extended surface area is responsible for equal cooking time and minimized frying time. This meat processing equipment is applicable for processing of all kinds of..

Auto Digital Meat Flattening

Automatic Digital Meat Flattening MachineFresh or frozen meat is flattened through two belts rolling towards each other through the certain thickness chosen to increase the surface appearance of the products. This allows making the products reach the consistency of cooking time and reduce frying time.This machine is widely applied to all p..

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