MyWay Fabrication offers high-grade bone crushers which are a piece of equipment regularly used for crushing animal or fish bones into fine pieces or a paste. Bones obtained can be but not limited to beef bone, pork bone, sheep bone, donkey bone, fish bone, chicken bone, and more.

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Animal Bone Paste Maker

Animal Bone Paste Mill Grinding MachineThe resulting shear force effectively breaks down the bone and meat materials into a fine paste. The bone paste grinding machine is equipped with a cooling system to prevent overheating during the grinding process, ensuring the quality and safety of the final product.  Features of the Bone Paste..

Bone Crusher 180

Bone Crusher Machine 180 Works with 200L buggy or vertical conveyor This versatile machinery caters to a wide array of industries, including laboratories, agricultural operations, and pet food manufacturers, among others.Its primary function revolves around effortlessly pulverizing animal bones into particles sized within the ..

Big Bone Pre-Breaker

Large Bone Crusher Pre-Breaker MachineThis machine is ideal for all type of bones.This is Stage 1 primary starter in our Bone Crsuhing and grinding Process.Stage 2 is our  Bone Crusher Grinder ComboThis machine can pre-break large bones and large frozen blocks to make ready for our bone crusher 180 model or the bone crusher grinder combo.O..

Bone Crusher Grinder Combo

Bone Crusher Grinder Combo Suitable for many types of industries such as labs, farming, and pet foods to name a few.It grinds the animal bone into small fine paste with Unger type cutting system.Ability to crush and mince all types of bones, easily grinds beef bone or whole chicken carcass.This equipment saves you time and money and does the job..

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