Lifts & Loaders

MyWay Fabrication offers simple stationary designs to heavy-duty loaders. Certain products are simply too heavy to pickup at once and unloading the products are either too time consuming, asks for too much physical labor, or increases safety hazards to complete a sufficiently easy task. Lifts and loaders are designed to pick up and maneuver the products from one location to another, eliminating the negative impacts of trying to do it manually.

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Meat Lug Tote Lifter

Meat Lug Tote Lifter Specifications:   Maximum Lift Capacity of 100 lbs.  34" wide x 34" long x 93" high.  66" Dump height.  Holds one Plastic Lugger (not included)  Voltage: 120V 60Hz 1Ph – Other voltages available upon request..

Fixed Meat Buggy Lifter

Fixed Meat Buggy Lifter Unmovable 200 liters is designed to match the standard meat trucks and carts. Its working process is to lift the truck/cart to the edge of hopper and dump the material within it, completing the feeding work. Features and Advantages: The lifter is made of stainless steel.Transmission is by chain Conveyor connecte..

Mobile Meat Buggy Lifter

Mobile Meat Buggy Lifter The movable lifter can move according to the change of operation places. It meets the demands from the clients on the fact that they can have a lifter wherever they want. Features and Advantages: Whole body stainless steelElectric power makes this machine easy to operate.Designed to match the standard meat trol..

Pole Tipper

The design of this Tipper is extremely stable. The chain lifting system guarantees reliable operation. The components used in this model guarantee the reliability and safety. Specifications: Material: Covers are stainless steel; Base and pole are powder coated steelTipping angle: Standard 30°Servomotor: Stainless steelStationary, perman..

Tipper for Trolleys

The mobile tippers are dedicated to 200- and 300-liter dumpers. The tipper mainly serves trolleys / buggies. It is a device that will improve the efficiency of unloading processes and speed up production processes in your company. Due to the low weight, the tipper can be easily moved "manually" to places where you need help. The mobile bas..

200L and 300L Buggy Stacker

200L and 300L Buggy Stacker Buggy Stacker provides safe lifting and stacking of 200L and 300L buggies on the shelves and racking system. enables safe lifting and stacking of 200L and 300L trolleys on the shelvesmade of AISI304 stainless steelmax. lifting height 2600 mm/102 inchesbattery powereddevice dimensions when folded: 1400x820x2150 [mm]..

Tipper for Barrels

The tipper is a model that has been designed to tilt barrels filled with both loose products and liquid. The special shape of the tray prevents overflows of liquid on the sides. The standard tipper can operate with 200-liter drums. It is possible to adapt the device to drums with different capacities. The mobile base makes it possible to ..

Industrial Meat Buggy Tipper/Dumper

Industrial Meat Buggy Tipper/Dumper The Loading device is designed for the Vacuum tumbler for fast loading of the raw meat material with a marinate solution. The loading device guarantees the efficiency of a loading process and avoid the unexpected drops of raw meat material and solution as much as possible. Model Suits..

Tipper for Various Dumping Heights

Tipper for Various Dumping Heights This model was created for dumping at various heights from 650 to 1651 mm. This tipper is equipped with a special lifting and tilting system. This system allows you to lift a large and heavy (up to 900 kg) container or basket to a certain height (max 1651mm), and then tilt it. The container is placed on..

Mixing Bowl Tipper

Mixing Bowl Tipper The mobile tippler is designed for handling kneading-trough/bowls. The mobile base allows you to move the device between the halls. It is customized based on the model and manufacturer of the bowls used in your factory. It is a device that will improve the efficiency of unloading processes and speed up production pr..

Tipper for Pallboxes With Airtight Discharge

Tipper for Pallboxes With Airtight Discharge To meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, this tipper was created with hermetic discharge. Thanks to the use of a specialized sealing system, emptying of even liquid contents remains precisely and nothing spills out of the tray. This is particularly important when emptying loos..

Tipper Light

Tipper Light The tipper was constructed to overturn small loads in a small space. Tipper base size has been reduced to 1882x1295 mm. The lifting capacity is 600 kg, but it can be increased to 900 kg. The tipper can handle 1200x800 mm boxes, Gitterboxes, and cartons based on the pallet. This model is known as the wide tipper. The containe..

Mobile Fork Tipper

Mobile Fork Tipper Boxlifter mobile fork tipper dedicated for 1200x1000 mm insulated containers and pallboxes, is one of the most popular models. This device facilitates, streamlines, and speeds up the unloading of containers at working height. This model is suitable for all pallets available on the market with a base 1200x1000 mm and an..

Tipper for Containers

Tipper used for Containers Tipper for boxes and containers is a simple device that allows you to relieve your employees and improve the efficiency of unloading processes – and thus – to speed up production time in your company. The tipper is not heavy, and it is easy to operate manually during production by moving between sections in the..

Tipper for 1200x800mm Pallboxes

Tipper for 1200x800mm Pallboxes This model can be used to empty containers with a pallet base, such as 1200x800 mm pallboxes. The container is placed on tipper profiles. This option of placing a container or box on a machine gives you the opportunity to drive a pallet truck. It is a device that will improve the efficiency of unloading ..

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