Knife Sharpeners

MyWay Fabrication offers variety of knife sharpeners that can be used to sharpen knives that have become blunt after frequent use.

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Sharpening Steel 8900

Sharpening Steel 8900 Sico Sharpening Steel especially designed to re-align the knives and keep them straight and sharp Features: Available in different sizesMultiple colour optionsLong and slender rodSizes vary from 21cm - 30cm..

Sharpening Steel 8901

Sharpening Steel 8901 Sico sharpening steel with oval shape provides a larger sharpening surface area to sharpen the knife Features: Available in different sizesMultiple colour optionsKnife protection to keep your hands safeSteel Length Options:26cm30cm36cmColour Options:RedWhite BlackYellowBlueGreen..

Grinding and Honing Machine

Grinding and Honing Machine Technical features: Motor 220V-50Hz-1,6A2800 GIRI/min.Machine Dimensions: 11x13x16 inchWeight: 20 lbsGrinding Honing Accessories:Sisal Wheel Sand PaperAbrasive Soap..

Knife Sharpening Machine

Knife Sharpening Machine Technical features: Motor: 600W/220VSpeed: 2750 U/minCoverslip: 200x30x13 mmPolishing Wheel: 200x25x13 mmColor: Black/green/silver..

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