Conveyors & Transport Systems

The main purpose of a conveyor system is to move products from one location to another efficiently and safely. MyWay Fabrication designs allows for the mobility of products that are either too heavy, bulky, or fragile, or it simply cannot be taken off due to the process of transferring food hygienically. Conveyor systems save time, increasing profitability.

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Conveyor Belt

Conveyor BeltThis belt conveyor will take various of products and transfer it from one location to another, increasing mobility and efficiencyFeatures:Made out of 304 stainless steelCustomized as per customer requirement..

Bowl Type Conveyor

Bowl Type ConveyorThis machine is applicable for lift-conveying of solid, granular, small-sized products, or more often for secondary lifting solution due to field space limitation.Main Function and Features: Able to perform in continuous or intermittent conveyance and support other feeding equipment. Bowl made of food grade..

Extendable Roller Conveyor

Extendable Roller ConveyorMain Function and Features: Simple structure. Stable conveying with special features, simple maintenance, and economic and energy saving. Considerable capacity, fast speed, and smooth operation to achieve sharing of the common distributed conveyance for various types of products. Conveyor length..

Finished Product Conveyor

Finished Product ConveyorMainly used to undertake packaged products and convey them to the weight checking / metal detecting equipment or packing platform.Main Functions and Features Durable performance, low noise and maintenance-free features. Different heights of baffle plates and borders as well as spacing between the baffl..

Finished Product Conveyor- S Type

Finished Product Conveyor Mainly used to undertake packaged products and convey them to the weight checking/metal detecting equipment or packing platform. Main Functions and Features: Durable performance, low noise, and maintenance-free features.Different heights of baffle plates and borders as well as spacing between the baffle plates per..

Inclined Conveyor

Inclined ConveyorApplicable for lift-conveying of granular products, such as potato chips, candies, nuts, frozen food, vegetables, chemical medicine, etc.Main Functions and Features: The belt is made of food grade polypropylene (PP) material, free adjustment of belt length and width, hard to deform, and high and low temperature ..

Plate Conveyor for Intestines (Pig Slaughterhouse)

Plate Conveyor for Intestines (Pig Slaughterhouse) This conveyor is designed for transporting intestines and centers from one station to the other. After the tray reaches the discharge chute, the tray capsizes and ejects a set of intestines, while the centers are dropped onto the chute or table by means of a special slide. Available ver..

Roller Conveyors

Roller ConveyorsThis roller conveyor can be costumed made to suit customer needs. It is designed to move and hold products, while also adding flexibility to the process line.These conveyors are designed to move and hold products while adding flexibility to your processing line.Can be custom from roller, belt, chain or wire mesh..

S-Type Conveyor

S-Type ConveyorApplicable for automatic conveying and distribution of bottled, canned or boxed products such as food, medicine, beverage, cosmetics, detergents, seasonings, dairy products, tobacco, etc.Features: Ability to combine with other equipment to make a whole production line for continuous or intermittent automatic weig..

Automatic Tray Loading Conveyor

Automatic Product Transfer Conveyor MachineAutomatic tray loading production line can automatically convey the product from the former or conveyor, dropping the tray on another conveyor in a 90 degree with accurate location and high efficiency. Best suited for high production companies due to its ability to transfer large quantities of pr..

2D Dicer and Slicer Conveyor Belt

2D Dicer and Slicer Conveyor Belt Mainly used to undertake dicer or sliced products from 2D Dicer and Slicer and convey them to the vibrating table to remove excess products or unqualified products. Main Functions and Features: Durable performance, low noise, and maintenance-free features.Adjustable conveying speed.Easy maintenance, ea..

Incline Bucket Conveyor

Incline Bucket Conveyor This conveyor is a device used for transport product to work height. The conveyors are designed based on individual parameters required by customers: length, width, lifting angle, type of belt. Specifications: Lifting angle: Up to 35 degreesLoading weight: Max 700kgMaterial: 304 stainless steelWaterproof: IP56Mo..

Alignment Machine

Alignment MachineOur tray system, also known as retractable belt or alignment system, serves as an accessory to several production lines for spherical and non-spherical products. This piece of equipment profiles the product uniformly, generating productivity, process savings and operational safety for your business. The system is pneumatica..

90 Degree Conveyor Belt

90 Degree Conveyor BeltThe 90 degree conveyor belt will convey the products to the next processing position with a 90° angle.Features: Conveys the products to the next processing position in a 90° angle SIEMENS electrical parts or domestic famous brand parts. Grade of waterproof: Ip65 Stainless steel made and non-me..

Auto Shuttle Transfer System

Automatic Shuttle Transfer SystemUtilizes a servo-driven Shuttle Transfer System to automatically change the conveyor direction by 90° and has the ability to convey from one line to multiple lines, which maximizes productivity and ensures exact product placement.Features: Servo-driven shuttle construction ensures consist and precis..

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