Dough Mixers

MyWay Fabrication offers commercial mixers which are found in grocery stores, bakeries, pizza shops, and supermarkets all across the world. They are necessary for a lot of commercial kitchens to make their dough, mixes, sauces, or anything else that needs mixing.

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Spiral Mixers with Mobile Bowl

Spiral Mixers with Mobile Bowl Specifications: The spiral dough mixer with a sliding bowlIndividual selection of the speed of mixing the dough, eliminating overheating of the doughOptimal mixing process à Guarantees good airing of the dough and its high qualityPossibility of preparing all types of cakes: wheat, wheat-rye, choice, and confecti..

Mixers with Interchangeable Tools

Mixers with Interchangeable Tools Innovative mixer with replaceable tools Specifications: 7 different tool rotation speeds in one mixing cycleEfficient mixing of various amounts and types of dough and confectionery massShortening the mixing process by quickly mixing all ingredientsGood aeration of the dough, maintaining optimal product tem..

Angle Mixers

Angle Mixers Angle mixers are the newest devices, created for mixing demanding doughs. It has the ability to mixer dough for rye cakes, mixed cakes with a predominance of rye, and acids. The unique shape of the mix ensures gentle and thorough mixing of the ingredients. Individual selection of speed rotation allows you to adjust the mach..

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