Cheese Lifts

Myway Fabrication offers top-quality cheese lifts, designed to efficiently pick up and maneuver heavy cheese bundles, reducing physical labor and safety hazards associated with manual handling. Our Cheese Bundle Lifter is not only suitable for lifting cheese but also other heavy items such as bags with seasoning or other consumable products. Our lifters are reliable, efficient, and can be used for a variety of functions. We highly recommend our cheese lifts to small and large companies that require a safe and efficient way of moving heavy items. Contact us today to learn more about our cheese lifts and other lifting solutions.

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Mobile Cheese Lifter

Mobile Cheese Lifter These electric carts are suitable for handling heavy wheels of cheese up to 200 kg, in any place and environment. They have a solid structure that makes them highly secure, while their ergonomic shape allows you to move them anywhere with great ease. Main features: Stainless Steel structure.They are provided with..

Cheese Bundle Lifter

Cheese Bundle Lifter It enables a single operator to simultaneously extract two wheels of cheese, such as Parmesan, from the copper vat. Specifications: Equipped with a trolley with rigid sliding, which avoids the swings during the move.It allows you to handle the cheese and put it into the molds in a convenient and accurate way.Supplied w..

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