Cheese Cutting

Cheese cutting is a crucial process in the production of cheese, which involves cutting the cheese into various shapes and sizes. The cheese cutting equipment offered by MyWay Fabrication is designed to provide the user with the flexibility to choose how they want to cut the product, without having to readjust the equipment repeatedly. Our cheese cutting equipment is available in both manual and semi-automatic versions, offering users the ability to cut the cheese to their desired size and shape with ease.

Our cheese portioners are designed to provide users with the ability to cut cheese multiple times with the same weight and measurements, ensuring minimal miscuts. This equipment not only provides optimal performance, but also increases revenue due to the consistency and minimal labor required to operate the equipment.

In addition to our cheese cutting and portioning equipment, we also offer cheese crust removers that are designed to remove the crust on the sides of the cheese, resulting in a desirable flat appearance and minimal waste of product. This equipment not only increases profitability, but also presents an efficient solution that requires minimal labor.

At MyWay Fabrication, we offer a wide range of cheese cutting equipment with various features and capabilities, allowing buyers to choose the specific item that best suits their needs. Our equipment is designed with quality and reliability in mind, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

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Cheese Slicer CCM52

Cheese Slicer CCM52Slice Cutting Machine for cheeseDesigned for slicing cheese with different consistencies Teflon BladeRemovable and dishwasher safe worktop.Extremely clean, precise cutting.Maximum security Two hand safety control for optimum operator safetySide ProtectionsTechnical Data: Power supply V./Hz 23..

Manual Cheese Portioner

Manual Cheese Crust and Slice Portioner It allows you to perfectly cut the cheese into small slices, remove the crust without waste while significantly reducing the working times. Professional cheese cutter, with very small dimensions, easy to place in any type of work environment FAQ: What is the Ideal measurements of the Portioned C..

Manual Horizontal Cheese Cutting Machine

Manual Horizontal Cheese Cutting Machine Manual machine to cut the wheels of cheese both in vertical and horizontal direction, through a stainless-steel wire. It easily divides the cheese, in portions with customized weight and size with a manual carrying wire.Equipped with a central hole, it gives stability and safety during the cutting proc..

Semi-Automatic Cheese Portioner

Semi-Automatic Cheese Portioner Semi-Automatic machine that allows to cut the hard and semi-hard cheese, such as Parmesan, in custom-sized slices. Being a semi-automatic model, this machine requires a minimum effort by the staff since it is enough pressing two buttons to start the blade and the cutting action. This Model allows to cust..

Table Top Cheese Portioner

Table Top Cheese Portioner Ideal to cut manually hard and semi-hard cheeses. Due to its small dimensions and to its simple structure, the portioning machine Rock 18 adapts perfectly to any kind of counter (e.g. delicatessens, grocery stores, small retail outlets) It allows to obtain  in a semi-automatic way, portions of cheese of ..

Semi-Automatic Horizontal Cheese Cutting Machine

Semi-Automatic Horizontal Cheese Cutting Machine Semiautomatic model to perform the horizontal cutting of the cheese with a steel wire. The rind of the cheese is first milled and then electrically cut horizontally through a stainless-steel wire. The whole operation is performed easily, quickly and without waste. Main technical features:..

Automatic Cheese Portioner

Automatic Cheese Portioner Automatic Portioning machine to cut the cheese with variable and fixed weight work programs. Designed to work in line and stand alone. Ideal for cutting hard and semi-hard cheese in vertical portions for the packaging. Technical features: Small size.It is suitable to work in line with pre-existing or Casear..

Automatic Horizontal Cheese Cutting Machine

Automatic Horizontal Cheese Cutting Machine Designed to cut the cheese in a programmable number of discs. The disks can have a fixed or variable thickness, depending on the production needs. The machine can be programmed both for the cutting in half of the cheese, both for its division into discs with variable height. It also offers ..

Cheese Crust Remover

Cheese Crust Remover Designed to cut and pick up the external plates of the cheese ‘s wheel and preparing it to be packaged. Automatic machine that cuts and picks up from the cheese the upper and the lower plates with adjustable thickness depending on the needs. The machine works the cheese in a vertical position in order to operate in a..

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