Top class dicing machines can be found at MyWay Fabrication. Our equipment can dice, strip, portion, or cube fresh, cooked, or tempered meat and poultry into various sizes. These machines are made from stainless-steel, suitable for high duty applications because of the reliability and efficiency it provides.

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Ruhle AR 10 Dicer

Ruhle AR 10 Dicer and Slicer AR 10 has powerful cutting with the best possible cut. This guarantees machine technology that can be individually adjusted to each cut item.TwinCut system always provides the ideal cutting movement for the cut item and a powerful hydraulic system ensures good performance. even odd shape or small pieces are c..

Tecnotrip Vegetable Dicer TDSH-140

Tecnotrip Vegetable Dicer TDSH-140 Compact machine designed for small spacesMade with stainless steelMaximum block size: 407 x 407 mmMachine cuts fruits and vegetables in fresh condition , +5°C to 25°C. Suitable for some soft fruits in semi-frozen condition with temperature of -2°C to -4°CPower: 220V 60Hz 3PhMachine Dimensions: 1622 x 934 x ..

2D Intelligent Portion Cutter

Two-Dimensional Intelligent Portion CutterTwo-dimensional measurement of irregular meat is used, where a analytical calculation is made by a specialized software, obtaining a cutting length and multiple degrees cutting of the given product. It ensures each piece has the same weight after cutting on each product or the specific required weight want..

Intelligent Dicer

Intelligent Dicing MachineThe intelligent dicer is a two-dimensional cutting machine. The cutting position can be adjusted by a laser scanning system and a software calculation, which maximizes dice yield and improves the production capacity. It provides complete versatility for cubing of the whole muscle by spiral and circular blades. Has the abil..

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