MyWay Fabrication offers juicers that provide a squeezing mechanism to hygienically squeeze the juice out of fresh tropical and citrus fruits without getting into contact with the peels, which would have given a bitter taste. We offer various versions of juicers such as compact (manually fill), semi-automatic, automatic, controller based (ability to choose quantity to squeeze), self-service, and self-service with freezer.

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Frucosol FCompact Juicer

Frucosol FCompact Juicer Automatic compact, versatile and functional orange juicer. You could offer your customers a high-quality orange juice in the best hygienic conditions. Its squeezing system with controlled pressure allows the machine to squeeze the fruits without getting in contact with the peels, avoiding in this way the bitter s..

Frucosol F50 Juicer

Frucosol F50 Juicer Automatic juicer of manual feeding. Its attractive squeezing system at first customer’s sight becomes it a way of catching the attention in your business. It stands out the manufacture in stainless steel that makes it strong and functional, something very important in the Horeca business. The ideal juicer for you ..

Frucosol F50 A Juicer

Frucosol F50 A Juicer Orange juicer of automatic feeding, ideal for any type of business. The upper side of the machine will catch your customers’ attention showing the oranges that are going to be squeezed. The automatic feeder makes the machine to be more powerful and faster to attend high demands of juice. It is manufactured in sta..

Frucosol F50 C Juicer

Frucosol F50 C Juicer Juicer machine with an advanced design that makes it one of the most functional, versatile and compact machines in the market. It will allow you to offer your customers with fresh orange juice. It can be adapted to any kind of business for its small dimensions. The F50C juicer is equipped with a practical digital ..

Frucosol F50 AC Juicer

Frucosol F50 AC Juicer Orange juicer of automatic feeding with digital counter. It is the perfect combination among autonomy, speed and strength. It has an automatic feeder with a high capacity (with a turning plate easy to dismount). It has been installed with a digital counter that allows the customer to choose the quantity of orang..

Frucosol Self Service Juicer

Frucosol Self Service Juicer Compact juicer with automatic feeding and system to switch on/off automatically the machine by pressing a faucet. The cabinet support will offer you the option of making a lot of services without taking care about the peels. The machine is equipped with turning wheels that make easier to move it. It has al..

Frucosol Self Service Juicer with Freezer

Frucosol Self Service Juicer with Freezer Compact juicer of automatic working with a cooling system. High capacity automatic feeder, with turning plate easy to dismount. Cooling system with a 7 liters deposit and non-drop faucet; the temperature can be controlled. The cabinet support will offer you the option of making a lot of servic..

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