Cheese Processing

MyWay Fabrication is a trusted provider of high-quality cheese processing equipment, offering a range of essential items for creating desirable cheese bundles. Our Milk Mixer with Helix is ideal for processing milk with a continuous motion, ensuring consistent quality and taste. Our Mobile Curd Cutter accurately cuts the curd, allowing for precise control over the final product. Additionally, our Stainless-Steel Cheese Drain Box can be customized to meet the unique needs and requirements of each customer.

As a world-renowned company, we guarantee the quality of our products and provide exceptional support to ensure our customers' success. Trust us to provide the cheese processing equipment you need to create the perfect product.

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Hot Room Carts

Hot Room Carts Made for storing shapes in controlled temperature chambers during the seasoning phase, they can also be used for transporting cheese in any environment. They are equipped with rotating wheels. Lightweight and easy to handle. Stainless steel structure and perforated metal shelves. Equipped with perforated sheet metal shel..

Milk Mixer with Helix

Milk Mixer with Helix Ideal for processing milk with a continuous motion, it allows to vary the treatment speed in a precise and reliable way, according to the working needs. The mixer is equipped with a propeller, a solid stainless steel structure. The settings allow to choose the desired function and process the product in a very de..

Serum Extractor for Cheese

Serum Extractor for Cheese It is the ideal tool to eliminate whey and other residual liquids (e.g. wash water) from each container. Easy to use, it sucks through a blower, coupled to the machine, which creates the vacuum inside the aspirator and sucks the liquid outwards and perfectly dries the treated surfaces. The machine is entirely..

Milk Mixer with Wheels and Variable Speed

Mixer with Wheels and Variable Speed Machine for the milk heating and processing, for the production of cheese with a continuous motion. It has a particularly soft movement, controlled in order to reproduce the manual gesture. It possesses a series of adjustments, which offer the possibility to be very precise in the settings. Very soli..

Trolley for Drainage of Excess Fluid

Trolley for Drainage of Excess Flid Made for excessive serum dispersion through canals and collection tanks. Made of stainless steel and polyethylene axis. Capacity: 4-6-8 wheels of cheese like Parmesan. Equipped with swivel wheels...

Cages for Salting by Immersion

Cages for Salting by Immersion Stainless steel cages with perforated shelves, ideal for a perfect, constant and homogeneous diffusion of the salt solution over the entire crust. They can contain from 12 up to 40 wheels of cheese at once. This salting system offers significant advantages in terms of: Saving space, the space required ..

Mobile Curd Cutter

Mobile Curd Cutter Ideal to cut the curd accurately and reliably. Equipped with a curd-cutting tool endowed with spiral. The speed regulation is perfectly performed by an electronic inverter. Made in stainless steel...

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