MyWay Fabrication offers equipment for tenderizing chicken breast, pork sirloin, beef sirloin, and fish fillets. All our machines are made from stainless steel, with a creative and reliable design characteristic. Purchase a product guarantee to provide top quality meat and top reliability.

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Meat Tenderizer 300

Meat Tenderizer 300 Can be equipped only with tenderizing blade assembly Removable Cover (cover with safety sensors) for easy cleaning Plastic Pan (Optional: Stainless steel Pan) Wide and practical feeding income Blade assembly easily removable and changeable Blade drums easily detachable for a deeper cleaning. O..

Meat Tenderizer E - TR 400

Machine for tenderizing meat. Can process various categories of meat shoulder (chuck-shank-belly).The machine uses a conveyor belt and multi-blade system through which meat is fed in order to break down the tissue.Tenderizing makes meat softer and allows for better absorption of seasonings and marinades. Technical Specifications: ..

Meat Tenderizer E-TR 200

Meat Tenderizer E-TR 200 This machine uses a needle block system to penetrate the meat and break down the tissue. This machine is able to process cuts of meat with sizes up to 200x400x150 mm Technical Specifications Countertop modelDimensions: 900x500x800 mmVoltage: 220VPressure: 10 barPiercing block: 560 needlesPiercing time: 2 sec/st..

Meat Tenderizer

Meat Tenderizer MachineMeat Tendering Machine applies the mechanical method to cut the meat gently with two groups of sharp tooth-like multi-cutters meanwhile damaging the connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments, injecting salt water into the meat fiber to shorten the rolling time, which prevents the product from shrinking by frying or ..

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