MyWay Fabrication offers top of the line efficient shredders that guarantee to shred cooked or raw poultry, pork, or beef into small pieces, simulating the look of hand pulling. Our equipment is made from stainless steel to ensure they remain long lasting and suitable for high duty applications.

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Industrial Meat Shredder

Meat Shredder MachineFour sets of rotary teethed shaft guarantee to shred cooked chicken meat, pork and beef into small pieces simulating hand pulling.Advantages: Easily shred cooked beef, pork and chicken tough products and cooked chicken breast soft products. High automation and fine shredded meat. Safety switch to prevent acciden..

Meat Shredding

Meat Shredding MachineMeat shredder is designed to create shredded/ pulled product ‘almost instantly’ for large restaurants, small to medium sized meat processors and food caterers. The capacity is over 150 kg per hour. Advantages: High capacity: Shreds cooked meat as fast as one can load it. Paddle in-feed is designed for safe operat..

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